Version Season 15
Experience 150x
Chests and trades in all rooms
Rewards System In Configuration
Integrated Forum Yes
Secret Spots Yes
Bug bless Disabled
Chaos machine See Advantages
Drops 30%
Secret Spots Yes
System Anti-Cheat/Hack Yes
No Sale Items this Website <<<
Socket Itens Yes
Skill Tree Yes
Automatic Updates Yes
Auto Reconnect Yes
MuHelper System Yes
Personal Store Yes
Offline Store Yes, Map - Loren Market
Reset Tabulated
Master Reset Yes
Max Level 400
Max Master Level 650
Delete Character Look Here.>>
Off Attack Mobs Look Here.>>
Blood Castle Able
Castle Siege Able
Chaos Castle Able
Crywolf Fortress Able
Devil Square Able
Gold Invasion Able
Kalima Able
Kantru/Maya Able
LorenDeep Able
White Wizard Able
Golden Dragon Able
Demons Able
Dimension Mirror Able
Acheron Guardian Able
Egg Event Able
Castle siege owner KimaMu
Next confrontation Saturday 20:00 Hours
Server status Online
Total of guilds 6
Banned or Blocked Accounts 0
Banned characters 0
Add Points Look Here.>>
/reset CF. CVS. CVG.
/reset auto Look Here >> .
/mreset Required 200 Resets.
/offattack Attack MOBs Offline.
/offstore Yes, Map - Loren Market.
/ware Change Chest. Ex: /ware 1 or /ware 2 etc.
/pkclear Clear PK >>
/post Post Message Global >>
/rebuild Redistribute Points >>
/re Request >>

Events ( HOT! )

Events Gifts Schedules
Blood Castle Ruuds, Jewel, Zen "00:00","02:00","04:00","06:00","08:00","10:00","12:00","14:00","16:00","18:00","20:00","22:00"
Chaos Castle Ruuds, Jewel, Zen "01:00","03:00","05:00","07:00","09:00","11:00","13:00","15:00","17:00","19:00","21:00","23:00"
Devil Square Exp, Jewel, Zen "00:30","04:30","08:30","12:30","16:30","20:30"
Illusion Temple Ruuds, Jewel, Zen "01:30","05:30","09:30","13:30","17:30","21:30"
Moss Merchant Weapons "02:00","08:00","14:00","20:00"
Skeleton King Itens, Jewel "00:05","04:05","08:05","12:05","16:05","20:05"
Red Dragon Zen, Box Kundun +2, Jewel "00:15","04:15","08:15","12:15","16:15","20:15"
Golden Dragon Zen, Box Kundun +1~+5 "00:25","04:25","08:25","12:25","16:25","20:25"
White Wizard Zen, Jewel x2 "00:50","04:50","08:50","12:50","16:50","20:50"
Moon Rabbit Muun Pets "01:50","05:50","09:50","13:50","17:50","21:50"
Being edited ??????? "00:00"

Boss ( HOT! )

Events Gifts Schedules
Kundun Itens, Exe, Ruuds
Erohim Itens, Exe, Ruuds
Medusa Itens, Exe, Bundle Jewel, Ruuds, Sphere
Crywolf Editing
Selupan Itens, Exe, Ruuds
Nightmare Itens, Exe, Ruuds
Nix Itens, Exe, Bundle Jewel, Ruuds, Sphere
Core Magriffy Itens, Exe, Bundle Jewel, Ruuds, Sphere
Lord Ferea Itens, Exe, Bundle Jewel, Ruuds, Sphere
Lord Silvester Itens, Exe, Bundle Jewel, Ruuds, Sphere
Principal: online
  • GMJorgen Offline
  • DevMU Online
  • GMNavarro Online
  • DivMerloni Online
  • ADMKima Online

Top Soul Wizard

Score: 39
Guild: Templar

Top Dragon Knight

Score: 70
Guild: Templar

Top Noble Elf

Score: 55
Guild: -

Top Magic Gladiator

Score: 31
Guild: -

Top Empire Lord

Score: 43
Guild: -

Top Dimension Summoner

Score: 30
Guild: -

Top Fist Blazer

Score: 23
Guild: -

Top Grow Lancer

Score: 12
Guild: -

Top Majestic Rune Wizard

Score: 39
Guild: -

Top Slaughterer

Score: 52
Guild: -
Castle siege
Owner of the castle